History of Metal Thursday Shows at Ralph’s Diner in Worcester, MA

Wednesday October 28, 2020

By: Brian Thompson
(Owner and Lead Designer, Gauntlet Creative)

From 2006 to 2020, Chris Farmerie (along with Codex Obscurum and the Metal Thursday family) promoted a series of heavy metal shows (400+!) at Ralph’s Diner in Worcester, Massachusetts. These Metal Thursday events featured a who’s who of New England and international metal bands and helped build a stronger metal community in New England.

Worcester Magazine recently launched an article that captured the background behind the start and end of this amazing run of heavy metal shows… but I wanted to make sure that the complete history of shows got captured for historical purposes. I scoured Facebook, Myspace, Return to The Pit, articles, Google image search, and just about any other data source that I could dig through to create a Google Spreadsheet with all of the shows (almost).


With that said, I need some help filling in blank cells on this sheet. I’m leaving the Google Spreadsheet open to the public for editing (I’m trusting you internet!)… if you can fill in any empty show dates, flyer links, fun notes, etc it would be greatly appreciated.

Let’s complete this database and reminisce! I had a blast podcasting at many of these shows and I’ve made lifelong friends… these nights won’t be forgotten. Thanks again Chris and the Metal Thursday family for the memories!

Photo Credits: Hillarie Jason

Brian Thompson

Brian Thompson is the lead designer at Gauntlet Creative. He loves professional wrestling, heavy metal, and productivity.