Setting up a productive remote home office

Friday October 09, 2020

By: Brian Thompson +
(Owner and Lead Designer, Gauntlet Creative)

Remote working certainly isn’t a new concept. People have been working from various locations, be it at home or satellite offices, for decades. But with the onset of the pandemic in 2020, hundreds of thousands of people who hadn’t expected to be working remotely suddenly shifted to not working in an office.

Things that we took for granted, such as collaborating on websites or recording podcasts, now had to be done at home. And there are many more competing interests at home now for remote workers, from spouses and partners as well as kids doing school too.

But just because there’s a lot more at home going on doesn’t mean that your productivity has to suffer. There are key steps you can take to make sure that you claim the time and space you need to work from home. What are those to-dos? This graphic explains them and offers ideas about what to do.

Brian Thompson

Brian Thompson is the lead designer at Gauntlet Creative. He loves professional wrestling, heavy metal, and productivity.