Why You Need To Digitize Your VHS Tapes

Wednesday March 18, 2020

By: Brian Thompson
(Owner and Lead Designer, Gauntlet Creative)

Do you have a stack of VHS tapes (collecting dust in your basement) filled with old family memories? Are you looking to convert your old VHS tapes to a digital format? In a world where everything is going digital, you should preserve this old footage. Here’s a few reasons you need to get your VHS tapes digitized.

Saving Old Family Memories

Do you have old family footage or memories stored on VHS tapes? Don’t assume that the footage will be safe in this format forever. VHS videotapes are made of magnetic tape and come with a short shelf-life. For that reason, it is a must to convert your VHS tapes to Google Drive (or any other medium) for saving old family memories.

Your special memories may not be able to play someday if you don’t digitize them as soon as possible. VHS tapes will wear, tear, and deteriorate if you don’t do anything to preserve them. On top of that, VCRs are becoming harder to find and/or repair. This is what necessitates the conversion of VHS to digital format.

Converting VHS to digital is also imperative for ensuring that your old family movies and footage can be saved and passed down from generation to generation.

convert your old VHS tapes to digital format

The Inexpensiveness

With so many advancements in media technology, converting old VHS tapes to digital has become more and more affordable.

You can of course try to convert these tapes yourself, but there’s an upfront cost involved (video editing software, a VCR and converter hardware, storage capacity, and most important of all… your time).

Do you really want to invest the funds and time in a potential one-time VHS tape conversion? Let us help.



Let Gauntlet Creative take care of the legwork for you. We can accept your VHS tapes and convert them to a platform of your choice (Google Drive, USB stick, etc).

The sooner you convert the tapes to digital, the greater chance you’ll have of preserving the quality of the tapes.

Best of all, we can convert your tapes at a very low price and save you time. The VHS tape conversion will not drain your wallet.


Brian Thompson

Brian Thompson is the lead designer at Gauntlet Creative. He loves professional wrestling, heavy metal, and productivity.